Welcome to the Fitness Company page where you can come to find the information you are seeking and not finding elsewhere.  We try to keep up with the latest training techniques (the safe ones) and are available in the gym to supervise your workouts to make sure that you get the most results possible in the time that you have to train or exercise.
     Total fitness is achieved not just through exercise  but through controlled eating habits as well.  The exercise should be done to increase muscle tone which in turn requires the body to use more bodyfat to fuel the increased muscle mass.  A common misconception is that long walks on a treadmill will burn up bodyfat.  If you walk an hour everyday you will lose muscle as well because the body will assume something is wrong after a certain amount of time, stop burning bodyfat and start burning muscle instead.  As you lose muscle the metabolism slows down and the body becomes more efficient at storing bodyfat.  You do need some cardio in your routine to increase your aerobic capacity, but this should be a small part of your workout.  The majority of the workout should be to increase strength in the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.  The cardio will strengthen the heart.  The combination of the two will help increase the overall fitness of the body.
Eat breakfast like a King.
Eat lunch like a Prince.

Try to avoid late night suppers and snacks.  The body will not be able to properly use up the calories you take in from this meal.
Eliminate cheese and dairy products from your food intake.  There are much better sources of calcium in a lot of the other foods you can eat.  Stay away from those extremely fattening pizzas and leave the cheese off of your sandwiches.  Try to avoid eating cold food only.  Hot food speeds up the digestive process and cold food slows it down.
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Did you know that excessive walking can make you fat?